With the RiskProfiler we determine a personal risk profile for a participant / employee that has two dimensions: risk capacity (how much risk can I take) and risk appetite (how much risk do I want to take).

The outcome can be used in eg the selection of life cycles or investment funds within a pension scheme.

Individual outcomes are aggregated into an overall picture for the company / pension fund in order to give substance to the duty of care to offer an arrangement that fits the (collective) risk profile of the participants.

Consilio platform
Based on the self-developed Consilio platform, Söderberg & Partners realizes advisory applications such as the RiskProfiler. We use concepts and components that have been extensively tested in Scandinavia, adapted to the Dutch situation (eg tax rules and social legislation).

The advantages:

  • Scandinavian design: sleek and clear design, easy operation.
  • Solution-oriented: the best answer to a concrete request for advice from the user.
  • No need to fill in more data than necessary for the right advice.
  • Compliant with GDPR requirements and other relevant laws and regulations.
  • Offers an actionable advice (converting the advice into a choice or transaction).
  • Data are retained (with permission) for future follow-up sessions of the same participant.
  • Full logging and audit trail.
  • State of the art technology and security.

Our solutions


Tools to support virtually all aspects of financial advisory practice.


Tool to determine risk capacity and risk appetite for employee / participant.

Personal explanation & advice

Personal financial interview with expert adviser, to take financial control yourself.

Personnel training

Log in to employee portal for pension insight and financial perspective.

Personnel communication

Creating and executing communication with discussion partners.