For employees / participants

Through your employer, pension fund or pension provider we offer you access to professional and personal financial advice, supported by modern advisory software.

Request for advice
The starting point is usually a concrete request for advice. "Should I start saving or investing more for my pension? And if so, what fits best with me? "And" Which investment profile within the pension scheme should I choose?".

The outcome is tailored advice, based on your preferences and personal financial situation. Subsequently you get the option to act upon that advice, for example by recording your choice or initiating a transaction. 

Constant grip
Söderberg & Partners does not see an advisory process as a one-off. Things change during your lifetime: you want to buy a house, you get married, you get a child. Such events should be the trigger to have a good look at your financial situation again. Something we recommend you do every 2-3 years anyway.  Söderberg & Partners are happy to assist you.

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Tools to support virtually all aspects of financial advisory practice.


Tool to determine risk capacity and risk appetite for employee / participant.

Personal explanation & advice

Personal financial interview with expert adviser, to take financial control yourself.

Personnel training

Log in to employee portal for pension insight and financial perspective.

Personnel communication

Creating and executing communication with discussion partners.