"Proactive today, for more prosperity and security for you in the future."

Our company philosophy has three basic values: openness, analysis and personal advice. The customer's interest always comes first. And every advice we give is based on the unique, individual needs of that customer.

"A well-founded advice leads to well-founded decisions."

Söderberg & Partners in the Netherlands
Since its founding in 2004, Söderberg & Partners has grown into a network of fintech companies with a total of more than 2000 employees. By combining research and analysis, personal advice and innovation technology, we have gained a considerable market share in Scandinavia. Customers have a high appreciation for our approach and our software.

Thanks to the partnerships with Montae and Floreijn, this powerful combination is now also available for the Netherlands, with in-depth knowledge of the Dutch (pension) market and employee benefits.

In the Netherlands, S&P focuses primarily on employers and pension providers with partners Montae and Floreijn to enable their employees / participants to benefit from smart and affordable advice solutions.

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Our solutions


Tools to support virtually all aspects of financial advisory practice.


Tool to determine risk capacity and risk appetite for employee / participant.

Personal explanation & advice

Personal financial interview with expert adviser, to take financial control yourself.

Personnel training

Log in to employee portal for pension insight and financial perspective.

Personnel communication

Creating and executing communication with discussion partners.

We work together with:

  • Montae
  • Lifesight
  • Aegon
  • Allianz
  • Floreijn
  • Befrank
  • NN